Can A HOA Manager Help Your Community?

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An HOA manager can sometimes be the key to a successful community. While board members are primarily responsible for running the association, they don’t always have the time and skills necessary for the job. A professional manager can fill in the gaps and ensure more seamless operations.

What Is an HOA Manager?

An HOA manager professionally manages community associations, such as HOAs, condominiums, and townhomes. Some managers work under HOA management companies, while others work as independent contractors.

In some places, HOA managers must carry certification. California does not require HOA managers to be certified, but the certification comes with more credibility, education, and expertise. Many HOA management companies also require their managers to pass certain requirements and certifications.

What Does an HOA Manager Do?

An HOA manager serves as the community’s point person. The manager assumes many roles and fulfills many duties. Of course, an HOA manager’s specific obligations will depend on their contract with the association. Some communities only need select services, while others require full-service management.

That said, the responsibilities of an HOA manager include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Ensuring maintenance of common areas and elements
  • Managing the finances of the association, including assisting with budget planning, invoicing, dues collection, and financial statement preparation
  • Organizing annual membership meetings and board meetings
  • Helping with rule enforcement, including inspecting the community for violations, investigating reports of violations, sending violation notices, collecting fines, and organizing disciplinary hearings
  • Communicating with residents, including fielding complaints and sending notices
  • Maintaining records of the association
  • Assisting with tax preparation
  • Assisting with annual reports
  • Coordinating with vendors and contractors
  • Evaluating risks and managing them
  • Staying up-to-date with HOA laws and regulations
  • Reviewing and upholding the HOA’s governing documents
  • Providing advice to the HOA board

While an HOA manager oversees the day-to-day operations, it’s important to note that the HOA board reserves decision-making authority. A manager must not act on their own; rather, they must seek approval from the board.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an HOA Manager?

Although there is nothing wrong with opting for self-management, HOA boards can reap several benefits when they hire a professional manager.

1. More Experience and Expertise

Professional HOA managers usually have more experience and expertise than volunteer board members. This is because they undergo specialized training and education. They know the industry’s best practices and have faced and overcome countless challenges throughout their service. Most managers are also certified to handle community associations.

In contrast, volunteer board members tend to have different professional backgrounds. While certain careers work in favor of the HOA, such as attorneys, business managers, and accountants, not all communities are fortunate enough to have an endless pool of such volunteers. Besides, many homeowners already find it difficult to juggle their work with their personal lives. There may be better choices than adding another responsibility in the form of HOA management.

Understanding HOA laws and keeping informed of any legislative changes is perhaps one thing many boards struggle with. With professional help, an HOA board can delegate this task to the manager and even ask them for legal assistance.

2. Focused Attention

More often than not, board members must divide their time between their HOA responsibilities and their lives outside of the community. Keep in mind that board members are just volunteer homeowners. That means they have families to take care of, social gatherings to attend, and careers to pursue. This usually doesn’t leave them enough time or energy for the association.

In comparison, a professional HOA manager can focus on the HOA’s operations. It’s their job, after all. They are obligated to give their time to the community and work in the best interest of the association. This typically yields better results because so much attention is paid to association matters.

3. Dedicated Support

It is normal for an HOA to receive complaints, concerns, and reports from homeowners. Alone, board members must field these emails and phone calls, which can sometimes come at the most inconvenient time. Some board members get calls in the middle of the night, while others suffer from incessant emails bearing the same complaint. For volunteer board members, it can all become overwhelming.

An HOA manager, though, offers dedicated support. Many managers and management companies provide 24/7 homeowner support or emergency services. That means board members won’t have to wake up in the morning to 50 missed calls. Instead, homeowners can direct their concerns and issues to a professional.

4. Has a Team

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An HOA board may rely on committees to help with association management. However, those committees also consist of volunteers. They face the same hurdles and challenges as board members—lack of time, experience, and expertise.

With a professional manager, an HOA can expect additional support. Most often, managers or management companies have a dedicated team of staff members performing administrative work. These are the more tedious aspects of the job, including sending notices, invoicing owners, and coordinating with vendors.

5. Neutral Third Party

If nothing else, an HOA manager serves as a neutral third party. Board members are responsible for investigating violations, enforcing the rules, and resolving disputes. Because these board members are also homeowners, though, the lines can easily be blurred. They might struggle with imposing a penalty on a neighbor or let their biases cloud their judgment.

With a professional manager, that is less likely to happen. Managers aren’t stakeholders, which means they act as objective eyes and ears. They approach things with a more open and level-headed mind. It’s easier for them to separate their emotions from their work because they’re not dealing with neighbors or friends.

A Manager Worth Hiring

Evidently, hiring an HOA manager comes with plenty of benefits. Board members can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they can delegate day-to-day work to someone with experience. Meanwhile, they can concentrate on making decisions for the association.
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