Active Adult Community Management

We prioritize thoughtful planning and careful management in active adult communities so that all residents are engaged, cared for, and satisfied.

All-Encompassing HOA Management Services for Active Adult Community in Southern California

Managing adult active communities in Southern California demands attentiveness, especially regarding the association’s common areas. The desert environment can be brutal and quickly deteriorate a community’s common areas and facilities. Homeowners associations should maintain these amenities so that the residents can live a relaxed lifestyle enjoying their hobbies and interests.


Active adult community management also involves preparing and coordinating many social activities. Senior residents look forward to and actively seek out these activities before committing to a community. 


With Personalized Property Management (PPM), the board can meet these needs while handling all of the other requirements and responsibilities of running a planned community. 


PPM provides the following services for active adult community association management:

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Financial Management and Accounting

We provide full-service accounting and financial management so you can plan your reserves, create a reasonable budget, and manage your money to meet your community’s needs without overburdening them. 

Dues Collection

Active adult communities need a lot of funds to maintain the common areas, so dues collection is of the utmost importance. Let us handle everything from collecting assessments to managing delinquencies.

Maintenance and Repairs

From managing requests to overseeing the work, we can handle all the maintenance and repair work required by the community.

Contractor Management

Bids, contract negotiations, and contractor relationship management will be no problem at all with the help of our experienced professional managers.

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Community Program Development

We can keep your residents happy by developing targeted services and programs for active adults in their later years.

Violation Management

Maintain order by allowing us to handle violation notices and rule enforcement with the careful touch necessary to obtain resident cooperation.

Specialized Training

Get specialized training for your staff, lifestyle coaches, committee members, and board members to serve your community better.

Facility and Amenity Planning

Our team can help you cater to your community by planning on-site amenities such as fitness centers, pools, and tennis courts.

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Matchless Active Adult Community Management in Southern California

Taking care of an active adult community presents numerous obstacles. Active adults are often at home and pay careful attention to their health, fitness, and social lives. Nonetheless, you can deal with any problem that comes your way with ease with our team of experts.

Personalized Property Management over 40 years of experience under its belt. We have served over 100 communities in the desert area of Southern California. Call us at 760-325-9500 or contact us online to learn more!