Master Planned Community Management

We are experts in handling large-scale communities without neglecting the smaller needs of each individual, allowing master-planned communities to grow without sacrificing quality.

Expert HOA Management Services for Master Planned Community in Southern California

Master-planned community HOA management requires a competent team that can handle all the amenities, common areas, and resident concerns of a large community. This requires not only skill but also size, as a small number of board members and officers will be easily overwhelmed by the number of things to do. 


This is why you should consider Personalized Property Management (PPM). Our company has years of experience handling master-planned communities. We have dedicated teams that know all the ins and outs of large HOAs like these. With our help, you can handle overseeing hundreds of homeowners and remembering even the tiniest details. 


PPM provides the services for master-planned community management:

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Financial Management and Accounting

From budgeting and reserve planning to financial reporting, PPM can manage everything related to financial management to keep you financially healthy.


Whether your community has a hundred homes or a thousand, PPM can take collecting dues and other fees off your hands. We can also handle delinquent accounts to ensure you always have enough.

Common Area Maintenance

Our team can handle all maintenance-related work, including inspections, work orders, requests, and vendor supervision.

Vendor Management

Keep a good working relationship with your vendors and get only the best contractors in the industry.

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Homeowner Communication

Our team can ensure each resident is updated on community activities, meetings, and board actions. We are also readily available to address homeowner concerns and questions.

Violation Enforcement

We can help you inspect properties and send violation notices to homeowners who do not follow the governing documents.

Board Education and Guidance

Our experts can provide training, education, and board guidance to ensure that your board is well-equipped to run the association.

Customer Service

We are always available to provide you with any kind of support during emergencies.

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Unparalleled HOA Management for Master-Planned Community in Southern California

Master planned community association management can be tricky. The association needs to balance the needs and wants of everyone involved. To maintain harmony and resident satisfaction, communities need the skill and experience of a reputable management team. 

Personalized Property Management has served over 100 communities across 40 years. With us, master planned community association management will be easier than ever. Call us at 760-325-9500 or contact us online for more details!