HOA Commercial Management

We are committed to providing personalized and effective HOA commercial management services in Southern California.

Full-Service HOA Commercial Management in Southern California

Commercial associations face unique challenges and are distinct from homeowners associations. Everything from accounting and administration to property maintenance will require different strategies and techniques to be effective. Finding a reliable Southern California commercial association management company that can cater to commercial properties is imperative. 


With Personalized Property Management (PPM), you can rest assured that your commercial association will be the best ever. Our services help you maintain your facilities and improve curb appeal. We offer the following commercial association management services:

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Financial Management

Leave the complex financial management and accounting to us. We can handle budgeting, financial report preparation, and collections and even help you plan your reserves.

Property Maintenance

Never worry about your common areas again. We can handle maintenance, work orders, and vendor management. We even conduct regular inspections and supervise any ongoing construction work.

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We can handle all the administrative tasks, from reviewing and preparing all your documents to developing a management plan for your commercial association.

Rule Enforcement

Let us handle inspections, violation letters, and rule enforcement. With our services, you won’t have to worry about communicating and enforcing the rules.

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Board Assistance

We can help the board conduct meetings and guide them as they govern the association.

Customer Service Support

Need some help with emergencies or tricky situations? Our customer service support team is readily available to help you with all your problems.

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Expert HOA Commercial Management Services in Southern California

HOA commercial management requires expertise and experience. Personalized Property Management has industry professionals with a long history of working with commercial associations. You can bet that your community will get only the highest quality services.

Personalized Property Management has over 40 years of experience serving more than 100 communities. Call us today at 760-325-9500 or contact us online for more details!