HOA Developer Services

Developing a new community is vastly different from managing one. It takes more than just a basic understanding of how HOAs work. Let PPM handle all the meticulous and challenging tasks for you.

HOA Developer Services in Southern California

At Personalized Property Management, we specialize in providing comprehensive HOA developer services. We assist developers in efficiently establishing and managing homeowner associations. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring smooth transitions, adherence to regulations, and the successful development of thriving communities.

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Governing Documents

Our services include a comprehensive review of the association’s governing documents and the development of rules and regulations, resolutions, collection policies, and election rules. We work closely with developers to create a solid foundation for governance within the community.

Budget, Financials, and Insurance

Navigating financial aspects is crucial to the success of any HOA. We assist with building a budget, proposing a comprehensive insurance plan, and providing monthly financial statements. We also help set up your bank accounts and obtain your first reserve study.

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Maintenance Agreements

We understand the importance of maintaining the community’s physical integrity and aesthetic appeal. Our team negotiates with contractors for essential services such as trash removal, landscaping, pool management, etc. We strive to secure competitive rates without compromising the quality of work.

Purchases and Escrows

We streamline the process by completing lender questionnaires and preparing welcome packages containing all essential HOA information. Our detailed approach ensures a seamless experience for homeowners and developers alike.

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Developer Controls and Turnover

As the community nears completion, we assist in applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and facilitate developer turnover. Our professionals can help ensure a smooth transition of control from the developer to the HOA.

Unrivaled Southern California HOA Developer Services

Personalized Property Management boasts more than 30 years of experience helping developers establish communities. We accompany you through the entire process from start to finish. As a locally owned and managed firm, PPM understands the desert area better than others.

Call us today at 760-325-9500 or email us at info@ppminternet.com for South California HOA developer services!