HOA Financial Management

We protect investments and ensure financial well-being by providing sound HOA financial management for self-managed HOAs and associations of all kinds. 

Responsible HOA Financial Management Services in Southern California

Financial management is one of the most important — and arguably the hardest — parts of community management. It can make or break a community’s well-being. Moreover, it can either bring relief or chaos to the owners. It’s essential to find a reliable company that can tackle all the aspects of financial management for small HOAs and large HOAs. 


This is where Personalized Property Management can come in. Our full-service financial management solutions can handle everything from budgeting and reserve planning to accounting. We provide the following services to our clients:

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Accounting and Financial Reporting

We can handle all the complicated accounting needs of various community associations. Our team can also generate periodic financial reports and statements to keep your neighborhood up-to-date on the association’s financial standing.

Reserve Planning

Forget all your worries about emergency repairs and maintenance concerns with our robust reserve planning services that will ensure you’re covered during rainy days.

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Never spend a dime more than you need to, as our community managers can help you plan an accurate and comprehensive budget.

Collections and Bill Payments

Our team can take care of collections and bills, so you no longer have to worry about cash flow or missed payments.

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Access Real-Time Financial Data

Easily access all your reports, statements, and financial information in real time through our advanced software. 

Comprehensive Financial Management for Community Associations in Southern California

HOA financial management demands precision and accounting expertise. It’s vital to all community associations as every community needs financial stability to succeed. Let us help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities by allowing us to serve your community. 

Personalized Property Management has helped over 100 communities with financial management since 1983. Call us today at 760-325-9500 or contact us online to learn more!