Mixed Use Development Association Management

We help mixed-use development associations meet residential and commercial needs to enhance quality of life and create a thriving community.

Exhaustive HOA Management Services for Mixed-Use Development in Southern California

Management of a mixed-use development community takes work. It comes with many unique demands and challenges that are uncommon to strictly residential associations. Thus, it requires well-constructed planning and careful management. 


Personalized Property Management (PPM) is the perfect management company that can do just that. We can handle everything from coordinating with residents and retailers to enforcing the governing documents. Our team can help you strike the perfect balance between the commercial and the residential, succeeding in mixed-use community living. 


PPM offers the following mixed-use development association management services:

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Common Area Maintenance

Let us handle requests, work orders, and inspections to keep your common areas in pristine condition. We also oversee the maintenance work to ensure vendors do the job right.

Vendor Management

Allow us to manage your bids, contracts, and vendor relationships to ensure you get only the best services in the business.

Resident and Tenant Communication

Maintain a good and honest relationship with residents and tenants by informing them of association matters.

Dues and Rent Collection

Stay financially stable by collecting rent and dues from the residents and tenants on time. Our team can also help you manage delinquencies to keep you financially healthy.

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Accounting and Financial Management

Stay on top of your association’s financial standing with our financial management and accounting services.

Rule Enforcement

Keep the residents and tenants in check through regular inspections and prompt violation enforcement.

Board Assistance

Get professional guidance from our team regarding community governance and association management.

Customer Support

Our team is just a call away to help you address concerns, questions, and emergencies.

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The Best HOA Management for Mixed Use Developments in Southern California

Mixed use development association management presents challenges unlike any other community association. It takes careful planning, precision, and years of experience to get it done right. 

Personalized Property Management has been in the industry since 1983. We’ve helped over 100 communities grow and are excited to serve and help your mixed-use development association. Call us now at 760-325-9500 or contact us online for more information!